Alpha Matting Evaluation Website

If you want to have your method evaluated, here's what to do:

  1. Download the evaluation datasets:
    Go to the Datasets page and download the evaluation datasets. Make sure you pick the low-resolution dataset, since we currently only evaluate on this dataset. (We are planning to intruduce an additional evaluation on the high-resolution images in the future).

  2. Run your matting algorithm:
    The evaluation set consist of 8 input images with 3 different trimaps each.
    Run your algorithm on each input image using all 3 trimaps as input. Use constant parameters across all images and trimaps.
    Save the resulting alpha mattes with the following convention:
    • In some root directory create 3 folders with the names Trimap1, Trimap2 and Trimap3.
    • In each folder save your matting results (grayscale alpha matte) that you created with the respective trimap. The filename of the matting result has to be identical to the name of the input image you used to generate the result.
      For instance, if you generated the result using the input image "troll.png" and the respective trimap from folder "Trimap3", then the you have to save the resulting alpha matte as "troll.png" in a folder named "Trimap3".
    • Make sure that your alpha mattes are PNG grayscale image of the same size as the input image.
    • The so obtained file tree should look like this:
      • Trimap1
        • net.png
        • plasticbag.png
        • ...
        • pineapple.png
      • Trimap2
        • net.png
        • plasticbag.png
        • ...
        • pineapple.png
      • Trimap3
        • net.png
        • plasticbag.png
        • ...
        • pineapple.png

  3. Finally include all 3 trimap folders (that contain your results) in a single .zip archive and submit this file in the form below.

  4. We will then evaluate your results and compile them in an online table. You will be able to see your results on a "private" page first, and we will only add your results to the public table after you give your consent.
    Note that before making your results publically availaible, we will manually check your submission. Note that this might take up to a few days but usually we will process your request within one working day.

Important notes:

  • Processing your results will take at least 10 minutes! Please be patient and avoid to repeatedly upload results or clicking the "Upload" button serval times. Try to upload early before your paper deadline and spread your uploads over time.
  • July 2017: We are currently migrating this system! If you experience any problems while submitting, please try again later.

Upload form:

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After clicking the upload button, you will be promted to type in a verification code that you will receive via email.